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good evening. i'm christian schaffer. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> december, right, the tail end of it, we'll call it seasonably cold. under the clouds, clouds not going anywhere but there's no precipitation. we stay dry the rest of this even -- this new year's eve. 38 in columbia. powellsville is colder at 35. westminster at 34, very light winds. cloudy, dry and chilly. overnight 35 or so as we hit the stroke of midnight. we'll talk about how things change, though, as we go into the first day of 2013. with dry weather on tap at least at the stroke of midnight, the inner harbor will be struck with ref earliers -- revelers.
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we go live downtown. hi, rosie. >> reporter: as wyatt just said, it's going to be a dry night, cold night. that's a good night for booms and birds. there's a new sponsor for the fireworks. it is the baltimore orioles. the orioles want to thank the fans for their big support last season, spot sky will not only be lit up in red, white and blue but orange and wheat-- white. although there's no exact total on the number of people, let's say a lot of people will be here. security will be high. it will be a great way to cap off a holiday season for merchants and restaurants here in the harbor. >> whether you're here or a few blocks lay way at a hoe -- away at a hotel or a party it has an
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economic impact. that that means, people are spending money at parties. they're spending money to get here, whether they're getting gas or at a restaurant. so all of that has a positive economic impact. >> now you know what? you missed it. there were a few fireworks that were going off as we were doing the intro. now the thing about the crowd on a night like tonight a lot of people come late. for example, if people are trying to get into the restaurant, they're getting here right now. those are the folks that will hopefully linger, but the folks that really want to be out in the cold, those folks start shows up about 9:00. that's when the band starts, also the mayor and the orioles bird will be pushing the number on a new clock. they'll be pushing the button to
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set off the fireworks at midnight. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> it's going to be a big night f you -- if you're planning to head down, many roads will be closed at 11 and will stay closed until after the e vend. charles, lombard, traffic heading northbound toward the city on 394 and detoured on howard street. baltimore will close at gay street. there are also parking restrictions on some streets. find a garage and stay there for the complete traffic advisory. log on to you can also head out to see annapolis. this year the show is in jeopardy. annapolis is struggling with limited funds right now. the city couldn't pay for the celebration but businesses in annapolis pitched in handfully funded the fireworks show for this year. >> i would say fireworks just adds to the whole idea of celebrating life, celebrating the historiness of this --
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historicness. >> a seconds fireworks display will go off for the big kids at midnight. >> maryland's new law will be in effect. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will attend the ceremonies and on tillman island in chesapeake bay, six couples plan to get married at the black walnut inn bay. many have gotten licenses since december 6th but they won't take effect until tomorrow. lawmakers are working to reach a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff but if nothing is decided before midnight -- the house of representatives wrapped up business meaning the earliest something could take place is tomorrow in 2013. automatic increase also take effect. we have the latest from
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washington. >> reporter: just hours before the midnight deadline to avert the fiscal cliff, president obama said a deal is within sight but not there yet. there are still some issues to be resolved. our most immediate priority is to stop taxes from going up on middle class families starting tomorrow. i think that is a modest goal that we can accomplish. >> reporter: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and joe biden are leading the negotiations. the deal will increase the estate class, extend unemployment benefits and bring back higher clinton tax rates on high incomes. from households earning $20,000 to those earning $450,000 a year. this create lad divide within the party with senator tom harken saying he and other
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democrats may block a deal. >> the deal must be one that favors the middle class, the real middle class. >> reporter: some lawmakers are frustrated there's still no bill up for a debate. >> senator reid should put a bill mon the floor, let the americans see it not another deal made behind closed doors. >> reporter: another sticking point, how long to delay the sequester. president obama said any agreement would have to be balanced and include revenue increases. if no deal is reached before the ball drops in times square tonight, those cuts, along with tax increases for most americans, will kick in. in washington, reporting. >> so to summarize, lawmakers are still working toward a deal but tomorrow is the earliest a vote could take place. that would be after the tax rates have technically gone up. for more, log on to
6:07 pm insurance giant aig is saying thank you and showing their thanks for the bailout they received. they want taxpayers to know the u.s. treasury made a multibillion dollar profit on giving that loan. the thank you mesh ad campaign claims the government has more than $20 billion in the deal. a westminster mans dead after a car crashed at carroll hospital center. it happened just after 8:00. >> reporter: tire tracks cut through the grass in front of the sleep center at carroll hospital center showinged unexpected path a driver took this morning. >> we had a vehicle enter the hospital grounds, lose control, go across the lawn and strike part of our building. >> reporter: turns out the driver of that vehicle had a medical emergency while he was behind the wheel.
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the carroll county sheriff's office said 78-year-old thomas skipper, jr. jumped the curve and ran over a tree before crashing into an office window. >> there was someone siting in that area. luckily, he were not injured. >> reporter: that window is now covered with a tarp closed up so the facility can continue operating. skipper was taken steps away to the emergency room but doctors could not revive him. westminster, joce sterman, abc2 news. it may be winter but protecting your skin from sun damage is something that needs to be done year round. how you're still at risk for developing skin cancer, even in the winter. >> reporter: while we all note importance of protecting our skin from the hot summer sun, many people aren't aware that they are also at risk for skin cancer in the winter. professionals here and olympic medalist julia mancuso is
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teaming up with the american academy of dermatology to get the word out to others. >> every day i apply sun screen and wear protective geermt i know this will help protect against skin cancer and avoid wrinkles. i get my skin checked regularly by a dermatologist. >> reporter: knowing what to look for is important. >> the most common kind of skin cancer are basil cell carcinomas. they start off with bumps or scaly spots that don't go away. you need to be concerned about it. >> reporter: remember to apply sun screen before you go outdoors and always carry it with you so you can reapply. >> wearing a hat could offer additional protection and don't forget sunglasses or goggles, especially at higher altitudes. for today's health minute, i'm pat st. clair.
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if you're hosting or heading to a new year's eve party, police will be out in force tonight with patrols and dui checkpoints looking to bust impaired drivers. it's a good idea to stop serving alcohol a few hours before the party ends f you drink -- ends. if you drink and have to drive home, get a sober friend to pick you up. aaa is not offering its tipsy tax service. a grant ran out. sometimes new year's can get too late for the kids. we'll show you how mort discovery threw -- port discovery threw one for them. and some are using a tragedy to make a profit. we'll show you how your
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donations can go to the correct place. >> three degrees off, no winner this time. wintry showers. will that be the case to start off hour 2013? we answer that straight ahead on abc2 news at 6:00.
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last week we warned you about scammers using the name of sandy hook to cash. a woman was arrested for doing that. joce sterman has details in this
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week's scam alert. 33 croorld noelleal ba hides her face. the victim -- the fbi claims alba set up a charity scam potion as the aunt of 6-year-old victim noah posner. >> it's disheartening. i don't know how people can do it. >> reporter: vicky has scene how low scammers can g she's the god mother of benjamin wheeler. his name has been used in a money grab. >> the money is not set up going to him. it's in his name for someone else. >> reporter: a legitimate fund has been set up but vicky said they did it the right way with the family going through a bank. >> that is the only safeguard way to make sure your donations are getting to the right place. >> reporter: that's something
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experts say you should check before giving to a family fund. recommending those who use a third party or a cpa to handle the money. staying up until midnight on new year's eve can be a challenge for children and their parents. that's why the countdown is celebrated earlier. high noon was the magic number and tim ruth are ford was there. >> reporter: every year at port discovery it's all the festivities without the loss of sleep. >> this is our 15th year doing this and it's a family favorite. lots of people come back year after year. it gives them a chance to learn about the new year, the change of the season, have fun with
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their family. >> reporter: the family of whitemarsh has done just that. >> the kids really enjoy all the activities. they have a lot of crafts they can make. every room has something different for the kids to do. they have a lot of fun and lot of crafts that we use, we take homeland do the same thing at night at the house. >> in a few minutes everybody can throw confetti and pull out their projects that they just did in about 10 minutes or something. they're going to have the countdown. >> happy new year! >> the last time i stayed up so
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i could watch just a little bit of the ball drop. >> reporter: for the rest of us who can't make it, there's always port discovery next year. baltimore, tim rutherford, abc2 news. >> less than six hours away from the new year. how's that. we end 2012 on a dry note. no precipitation. everyone dress to the nines heading out and about. you have good weather for that. looks like conditions will be chilly. we prepare for the big fireworks celebration. dew point of 21. the air is very dry. winds relatively light. take a look at the weather and motion for the last day of 2012. man, where did the year go. cloudy sky's over dundalk. still a little snow on the ground. picked up a few additional
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inches, not a lot of snow but a little bit. we finish on a very snowy note to the west at deep creek lake. it's been a snowy scenario. winds are light. so a little bit of a wind chill. you want to bring that heavy coat, but otherwise, quiet weather. frederick to baltimore, easton at 39 and d.c. at 40. temperatures dropping into the low 30s. yes, we could wake up to a snow shower to start off the new year. otherwise, weather will be relatively quiet and i think very light snow and rain showers. they'rement going to add up to much or accumulate much. a little southern disturbance skirting just south of maryland could generate a few mixed showers has early has 10:00 or 11:00. they could continue through the din are hour. most of the precip to the south
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and virginia will not be particularly heavy, just a nuisance shower through the day tomorrow and a clearer setup on wednesday. the clear weather will not come without a chill. temperatures getting ready to drop. you can see the cold air building to the north. teens in iowa. we will struggle to get to the mid-30s tomorrow. the cold air really begins to descend tuesday night into wednesday. this is light stuff. there is winter weather for this new year's eve to the north. what we're concerning hour self-s with is the temperature pattern. the arctic blast moving in, especially the mid-weekdays. we're not going to get full brunt but we'll catch the edge. the edge of that arctic air will hold us in the low mid-30s for the first few days of the new year. eventually down to freezing but 35 at that midnight toast frame. tomorrow 42, mostly cloudy and
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few mixed showers through the day will be uneventful in terms of impact. tonight -- tomorrow night rather, down to 20. we'll be cold and stay cold wednesday, thursday into friday, struggling to get out of the mid-30s and the temperatures in the nighttime periods will be down to the low 20s. some spots north and west may struggle to get out of the teens, the teens by night, christian. we always forget the new year is the start of what, january. so we know january has teeth rand there it-- and there it is. a few flake cost fly tomorrow. it won't add up to much. we are still a few hours away from welcoming in 2013 but people around the world are already celebrating. this was in auckland, new zealand. in sydney, australia, those were the two to ring in the new year.
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check this out, this view from victoria harbor. hong kong is 13 hours ahead of us. they were doing their partying at 11:00 in the morning our time. we passed most of europe. some of the last places will be the american sew mow ya. they don't start until 6 a.m. our time tomorrow morning. coming up tonight after world knew, stay tuned for abc2's the list. >> picture this. we take you behind the scenes for flashes of hope at johns hopkins hospital and what goes into making the perfect cupcake flavor. wool. >> let you know tonight on the list. >> here's what's coming up tonight on abc2. irene, drop the itch.
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we dropped the itch, you can too. with maximum strength scalpicinĀ®. it's not a shampoo so you can stop intense itch fast, wherever you are. i dropped the itch. free yourself from embarrassing scalp itch. ximum strength scalpicinĀ®. also available scalpicinĀ® 2 in 1, itch relief plus dandruff control.
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people are bundling up. >> a cold night, what we always hope for is no weather to douse our flames. >> it has happened before but not this time. >> maryland's most powerful radar is dry as we go to scrums under six -- just under six hours. we could wake up to a few flurries. what a way to bring in the new
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year. >> thanks a lot. that as all the time we have. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 11.
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